Retail Education Program

TRRAIN Foundation and Aptech have formed a winning collaboration that delivers standard and custom-designed training courses exclusively to people working in the Retail and Hospitality sectors.

For retail associates, these courses are the best way to upgrade their skill sets and improve their performance visibly, thus paving the way for personal growth and success in the industry.

For retailers, they are a great tool to empower the faces of their brands to offer exceptional customer service and consequently deliver higher productivity.

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Organizations that have trusted us with their training requirements

What do we bring to the table?

  1. Unique content for Retail not available elsewhere in the market; for e.g. our Spoken English for Retail is the only course of its kind, developed specifically for the retail context and focused on building language fluency for everyday customer interaction scenarios.
  2. In-depth industry experiences across all aspects of retail as well as education
  3. Ability to conduct organization and individual learning needs assessments, and accordingly customize content and delivery
  4. Demonstrated trainings across multiple locations and employee levels
  5. Certification for participants successfully completing the programs

Workshops: These are full-day programs, conducted over 1-3 days, depending on your training requirement.

Ideal for:

  1. Functional learning and as refreshers for experienced retail staff
  2. Organizations with geographically dispersed staff requiring training at a central location
  3. Organizations unable to opt for long-duration programs due to operational considerations

Immersive training: These are more intensive programs conducted for 2-3 hours a day (usually before store opening and during non-peak hours) over a few weeks. This allows for more in-depth learning and gives your associates the opportunity to apply on the floor everyday what they've just learnt in the classroom.

Ideal for:

  1. Retail associates who require training in Spoken English, communication and soft skills, all of which are better learnt over a period of time and with opportunities to apply the learning continuously
  2. Organizations which require a more flexible training schedule whilst ensuring that store operations are not interrupted.

To discuss which training format would work better for your team, please write to Abhijit Rao at or call him on +91 022 2844 3259 / 60

Modules offered:


Not just training, but a continued cycle of learning, evaluation, and development

  1. In-depth Skills Gaps Assessment/ SWOT analysis: We start with a brief from your team and then use a combination of mystery shopping and one-on-one interactions with your associates and their supervisors and store managers to gauge exactly where the issues are w.r.t. soft skills, verbal/ non-verbal communication and customer service skills. This exercise also gives us an idea about the learner level, so that we adjust the delivery accordingly.
  2. Setting training KPIs: Based on our findings from Step 1, we share Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), based realistically on what is and what isn't possible to measure at the store level. This is usually an iterative process that ensures clear deliverable.
  3. Trainer familiarization: We arrange for trainers to conduct store visits and interact with HR, product teams- and of course with the participants- to understand their environment.
  4. Training: We deliver a highly interactive, trainer-led and multimedia-supported training program.
  5. Assessment and certification: Participants are assessed at the end of the program and certified. The learning outcome (as reflected in the pre- and post-training assessment) is shared with you, along with participant feedback.
  6. Impact evaluation: This is largely carried out by your supervisors/ SMs with guidelines from us about the KPIs and how to observe the same. Our team can support these efforts with mystery shopping visits.
  7. Review: We present to your team a case study on the entire initiative and the actual impact observed. Further, continued training intervention is planned on this basis.

As a not-for-profit organization, TRRAIN Foundation is uniquely placed to keep your training investment extremely affordable for a retail organization of any size. Indeed, our pricing reflects our resolve to bring learning and self-development within the grasp of even self-associates.

Basic training modules start from Rs. 69 per participant per hour. 

To discuss which training format would work better for your team, please write to Abhijit Rao at