Retail Employees' Day

Retail Employees' Day 2014

The foundation of the retail industry lies in the people it employs, the 33mn retail employees. By celebrating Retail Employees' Day, the organization is accepting the role, importance and contribution of the employee. Like we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas wherein we celebrate an individual or a religion and acknowledge the role of the person in our lives. Similarly Retail Employees' Day is to celebrate the employee in retail.

So 12th December this year, we encourage you to join us in this endeavour. Bring smiles to faces of the employees who help us all in making the retail industry prosper.

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2014 Bouquet of Ideas

Retail Employees' Day can be celebrated by a variety of ways and even though we have added a list of suggestions from our end, we recommend you to celebrate it the way you would like to show your appreciation for your associates. A few ideas can be

PIN A MEDAL & HONOR: Pin a medal to your employees' chest and appreciate him for the services. 

THANK YOU TREE: Have a Thank You tree outside the store in the shopping mall where the customers can stick their 'Thank you' notes.

SERENADE YOUR EMPLOYEES TODAY: Musicians welcome employees at the staff entrance.

TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES LIKE STARS FOR A DAY: Red carpet welcome by Mock Paparazzi, clicking Employees pictures as they enter the Mall/ Store. A real photographer can be hired to take candid shots of the Employees on their special day.

For more ideas & information - Visit the Downloads section at Retail Employees' Day website

Participating in Retail Employees' Day is a way you can show your appreciation to your employees and applaud their services. To be a part of the celebrations, all you have to do is conduct an activity in your store/ office premises on the 12th of December. The magnitude can be large or small, as per your convenience. Please go through our "2013 Ideas" and "FAQs" sections get more clarity regarding Retail Employees' Day. We would be highly grateful to you if you could send us an SMS or a mail in case you intend to celebrate RED in your organization.