TRRAIN Corpus -
for various activities done by the Trust

TRRAIN Education Fund-
specifically directed towards funding further education for either an individual employed in retail or for the children of people employed in retail


  • Become our fund raiser
  • Spread the Word


Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people in your community. You can use your skills and experience to help and enrich the local community. It can enhance your future employment prospects and enable you to highlight crucial skill to your employer.

Various ways of volunteering with us:

Anyone can become a fund raiser, no matter what background, as long as you have enthusiasm, energy, are honest and have some free time. For more information on becoming our fund raiser and ideas for fund raising please write to us on

Talk about TRRAIN and its initiatives on your social networking profiles. Like our face book page, follow us on twitter, you can also share our status and help us spread the message.

Introduce TRRAIN at your workplace, help us connect with your HR & CSR team to get listed as a preferred charity of your organisation

  • Become our fund raiser
  • Share our status/ tweet about us
  • Help us in our event - please hyperlink to the event section
  • Get us on the list of supported / approved charities at your work place
  • Put up our posters , distribute our leaflets at retail outlets
  • Keep us informed about the local events (art exhibitions, concerts, plays) which could provide a platform for us to create awareness about our work and meet potential donors
  • Talk to your local retailers about TRRAIN and its initiatives.

Spread the Word