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Kamal Tiwari

Kamal Tiwari is a 30-year-old orthopaedically challenged individual who lives alone in Noida. He is originally from Faizabad, where his 2 elder brothers stay. His parents passed away when he was very young, and ever since then he was completely dependent on his elder brothers.

His family was not supportive of Kamal because of his disability and no one was giving him a job, even after completing his under graduation. As a result of this treatment, Kamal became very timid and lacked confidence. In 2020, a ray of hope appeared for Kamal in the form of Pankh’s mobilisation team. The team counselled Kamal and his brothers about the Pankh program and its future prospects. Soon after, Kamal enrolled into the program.

In the duration of the program, Kamal was able to not only learn about retail but also broke out of his shell and became confident and participated actively in all activities.

His trainer says, “Kamal was self motivated and was very co-operative throughout the training. He was ambitious and determined to take up a job after training to be self-reliant despite his disability.”

After graduating from Pankh, he got a job opportunity at iEnergizer, Noida. He went for the interview and got the job on the spot! Now, Kamal is able to live alone in Noida, with the support of the Pankh team and his company’s help. It was not easy at the beginning, with the travel and a new city. He took sometime to adjust but now he is comfortable living and is earning for himself, no longer dependent on his brothers.

Kamal says, “I am thankful to the Pankh Program for providing me the training and polishing my skills which helped me to get a job as per my needs. My brothers are very proud of me and I am very happy.”

To create livelihoods for many more Persons with Disabilities.