He got flung out onto the road while trying to get on a bus. His forehead was badly injured. But even in his wounded state, he went to the customer’s house, provided him with the needed customer service and only after ensuring that the concerned issue was solved, did he go to see a doctor. This is the story of Chabiraj Jaiswar, a retail employee from Hypercity for whom customer service comes above everything else.

There are millions of retail employees just like Chabiraj who go beyond their call of duty to provide exemplary customer service. TRRAIN Retail Awards is the only retail awards in India, and probably the world, that acknowledges, applauds & recognizes the front end retail associates for excellence in customer service

With 15,000+ entries received from 116 cities in 11 years and 100+ winners, our awards have not only set a new benchmark for customer service but have also impacted the lives of hundreds of retail associates, both at work and at home.



Established in 1996, MAPIC Awards is a competition that rewards excellence, innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry. Their newest category, “Customer Service Excellence Award” introduced in association with TRRAIN judges the finest and most enduring customer service stories of sales associates at a global level.
The category saw participation from retailers all over the world and the winner of the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award’ 2017 was Rosario Lozano Bretone, a sales employee at MediaMarkt Saturn Retail Group, Spain.

Here is the story of his excellent customer service:
Rosario, a trainer at Media Markt Granada works as a sales assistant and is also involved in the Customer Training project. He often used to share his passion for photography with his customers via a training session. So once when a customer was confused about which camera to buy for her daughter, who, she felt, had a flair for photography, asked Rosario for his advice. At the very moment, one of Rosario’s colleague came up with a suggestion for her to buy the camera together along with his training session which would help her daughter in enhancing her talent. Even the customer thought this to be a great idea and that’s how Rosario met Marta.

The training helped Marta in improving her skills, and she now plans to start her own business and be a photographer. Training also led to the formation of a nice bond between them and Marta now visits Rosario very often to talk about photography, ask for recommendations, and buy new equipment for her studio.

These trainings have not only benefited the customers, but the store also has observed a positive impact. 32% of the customers that took part in these trainings also bought from the store afterwards. The purchase frequency has increased from 53 to 23 days after the training. Furthermore, there was a rise in the Net promotor score by 10%-15% since the training (Workshops or personalized training) started one year ago.
Helping customers to learn new things has also helped Rosario to go out of his comfort zone and hold training sessions on products that he was not very familiar with. He is grateful to his team for all their support. This process has also taught the team to help and support each other when needed.


Inspired by our TRRAIN Retail Awards, The World Department Store Forum launched an award to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of sales associates worldwide. These awards received global participation in both of its editions, and the winners were determined on the basis of their exceptional performances in fulfilling customer expectations, commitment beyond duty, product knowledge, teamwork and commercial results.
The finalists of their first Award ceremony held in Rome in 2015 were selected by a panel of experts, led by our founder,  B S Nagesh.
The second edition was held in Toronto in 2017 and the winners were Segio Diaz from Al Tayer/ Harvey Nichols- UAE with runners-up Angela Diaz from Brown Thomas – Ireland and Shannon Luloff from Neiman Marcus – USA.

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