TRRAIN's Medical Fund for Retail Employees

Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) is a public charitable trust which works towards empowering people in retail.TRRAIN has set-up a Medical Relief Fund for retail employees who were not employed or did not have a source of income due to the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19. In particular, TRRAIN is supporting those employees and their family members who were hospitalized or had undergone medical treatments and need financial support with their medical expenses.

Under this fund TRRAIN will provide a 1 time Grant under the following:

1. For Hospitalization up to & maximum amount of Rs. 10,000/-

2. For Medical Reimbursement up to & maximum amount of Rs. 5,000/-

Eligibility Criteria:


- Indian Citizens aged 18 and above (all genders)

- Applicants working in a retail organisation (including but not limited to retail brands, malls, food courts, QSR, salon chains, third party service providers to retail),

- Applicants who may or may not be employed currently but had lost their job or had been put on furlough by their organisation between 1st March 2020 to 30th Oct’ 2020. 

- Hospitalization or medical treatment undergone between 1st March 2020 to 31st Dec' 2020 of applicant or family member are eligible

- Eligible for only 1 Family Member or only the Applicant

- The applicant may be the only earning member of the family and their Gross Annual Income should not exceed Rs 3,00,000

- Or in other cases, the Gross Total Annual Income of the Family should not exceed Rs. 4,00,000

- Only applications with complete and correct documents will be considered

Testimonials of employees TRRAIN has helped with the COVID-19 Relief Fund

"The money came at the perfect time when she was in urgent need. She used it to pay her rent. Once she lost her job, it became a very big struggle for her to live alone, especially without employment. The money helped her buy essentials and get through a difficult situation" - Beneficiary's sister

"I live with my parents, and my father has been at home since January as he is unwell. Since then, I have been responsible for both housework as well as earning for my family. So the money helped me buy groceries and other necessities." - Anonymous beneficiary


*The name of the beneficiary has not been disclosed due to confidentiality clause.