Project Disha aims to reach out and enable one million underprivileged women in India through training, employment and entrepreneurship skills development, as well as development of a new model of public private collaboration that can be adapted and replicated across India.

TRRAIN has partnered with UNDP for Project Disha as its skill development partner to train, assess, certify and place women in the retail sector by creating training and employment opportunities for them.

Pilot Background

The intervention is aimed at providing skilling to women in retail industry for taking up roles in core retail functions like Goods flow replenishment, Goods Handout, Entrance Greeters, Food restaurant Coworkers, and Cashiers.

Pilot Objective

To create skill training and employment opportunities for women in retail industry, starting with a pilot led by IKEA Retail India. TRRAIN is the selected training provider who will train 3 batches of 40 each on roles specifically identified with IKEA Retail India.

The pilot is shaped around the following priorities

  • Increase the number of skilled female workforce for the retail sector and provide them with dignified livelihood opportunities.
  • Develop a high standard retail industry training model for women, starting with a pilot in Hyderabad and then scaling to other locations
  • Build capacity for staffing retail stores, both for identified roles in retail as well as for selected ancillary services
  • Strengthen the government and local community ties with the private sector to ensure sustainability of the model.
  • The pilot to begin with will be small, and the focus will be to get the design right and to lay the foundations of an innovative Public-Private Partnership model, which has the potential to scale.

The training curriculum will be co-developed with and vetted by IKEA Retail and other employers.

The training curriculum is a unique training methodology which will provide the complete spectrum skills in a very interactive and easy-to-learn manner. The training consists of learning through instructor led method combined with audio-visual aids, role plays, group assignments, exercise and games. The training also provides hands on learning through exposure to retail malls, hypermarkets along with on- the- job training (OJT) as a important part of training.  The training focuses on four key areas over 220 hours of training followed by OJT

  • Conversational English
  • Work Related Life skills
  • Basics of Computers
  • Basics of Retail

Training will be non residential and will be structured as follows:


Modules Hours Days
English 60 10
Life skills 35  6
Computer 25  4
Retail 100 17
220 37
Total  45

Job Roles:

 Candidates will not be trained for any specific retail role but would be trained to take up all roles as follows:

  • Goods flow
  • Handout and Entrance greeter
  • Food – Restaurant
  • Checkout


Successfully skilled and trained women would get assessed and certified and placed at IKEA Retail and other retail establishments such as Mcdonalds, Reliance Trends, Shoppers stop, etc. Partnership with IKEA Retail and other retail sector employers will ensure the quality of curriculum and placements through MoUs between the employers and Project Disha.


Expected Outputs:

  1. 150 women trained and employed in the Retail Sector
  2. 120 women get placed
  3. Curriculum module design and creation of facilitator’s manuals and guides
  4. Establishing the business case for hiring underprivileged women
  5. Increasing female participation in the labour workforce

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