It’s not a business that you build, it’s the PEOPLE.

Today, consumers expectations and behaviors have changed. This has led to many retailers realising the gap in technical and skill knowledge of retail associates. As a result, a deep need is being felt by retailers to acquire skills and knowledge that can be aligned to the requirement of the hour. A few of these are, cross-selling, upselling and add-on selling. It has become absolutely imperative for the retailers to upskill their employees time and again so that this not only strengthens the image of their brand, but also enhances the productivity of their employees and helps them in building a promising career path.

Resultantly, at TRRAIN, we have established the Retail Education Program in collaboration with Aptech, a global learning solutions provider. Through this program, we deliver standard and custom-designed training courses exclusively to people working in the Retail and Hospitality sectors. Through this program, we aim to empower retail associates with necessary skills that will aid them in building a promising future through better communication and higher performance.