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Retail Inclusion Summit

TRRAIN Pankh American India Foundation joined hands to organise the 1st edition of the ‘Retail Inclusion Summit – Driving Inclusion at the Workplace’. Through this venture, TRRAIN aims at educating and endorsing the hiring of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). We hope this is a step forward towards ending the situation where disability is the key reason to put PwDs at the bottom of the hiring hierarchy.

The first edition of the Retail Inclusion Summit was held on January 20th 2017, hosted by TRRAIN Pankh – Youth4Jobs Foundation initiative and American India Foundation (AIF). The summit addressed the issue faced by many managers, in terms of seeking solutions to communicate, train and sensitize their teams, encouraging teamwork, and career progression for PwDs.

The Retail Inclusion Summit aims to provide and discuss solutions to the issues that arise when connecting retailers with leaders/experts who know how to overcome these challenges. The Summit also acts as a platform that encourages employers, leaders and NGO’s working in the field of inclusion, to exchange ideas on hiring PwD’s and promoting an inclusive workplace.


Stay tuned for updates on the Retail Inclusion Summit 2023.