The Retail Hiring Carnival is the 1st of its kind, a Virtual Inclusion & Diversity Drive which aims at creating an inclusive & diverse workplace in retail and allows you to recruit retail associates for your stores and warehouses specific to your requirements.


To begin your inclusive workplace journey we are assisting you in two aspects:

  • Hire Persons with Disabilities

Hire Women

Importance of an inclusive customer-facing team:

Builds goodwill among customers

Supports the livelihood of Persons with Disabilities and women

We are providing you skilled Persons with Disabilities from Pankh - Wings of Destiny Livelihood creation program

Pankh program provides retail-specific training and skilling for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). It majorly focuses on 3 disabilities, Hearing Impairment, Orthopaedic Disability, and Low Vision. Their candidates are skilled and ready to begin their journey in retail.

We are providing you skilled women from TRRAINHer Ascent Livelihood creation program

TRRAINHer Ascent program provides retail specific training, life and grooming skills for underprivileged women. These ambitious women candidates are trained and ready to begin their career in retail. 

When you recruit from Pankh and TRRAINHer Ascent, you not only recruit skilled individuals but also contribute to their livelihood.

When does the carnival begin?

Pre-registrations begin from

17th November to 23rd November

Registrations open from

24th November to 7th December

Pre Register now to avail exclusive benefits!

What do you get if you register between 17th to 23rd November?

  • First preference from the pool of skilled candidates
  • A free employee engagement activity 
  • A customised finishing course specific to your brand 

And lots more! 

Note: These exclusive benefits are only available if you hire from us.