About Retail Inclusion and Sustainable Employment (RISE)


“Empowering our stakeholders through the power of technology.”



RISE is an interactive hiring platform with a three-pronged objective

  •  •  Enable retailers to fulfill their inclusion agenda by being able to identify and hire the right talent
  •  •  Open a window of opportunity for persons with disabilities who have the talent and skill to move into the mainstream workforce
  •  •  Propel the efforts of NGO’s working in the livelihood space to reach and impact a larger talent pool
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While one research highlights both, the financial benefits to a retailer as well as a positive impact on the brand image,  yet another research throws light on a bottleneck in the hiring of PwDs from the retailer's perspective – inadequate supply of this resource.


To boost the inclusion efforts of the retail industry and help retailers stay one step ahead in their efforts to hire persons with disabilities, the RISE platform functions as a one-stop solution for the retailer. In addition to a database of skilled resources, the platform includes special features like digitized and automated processes associated with hiring and placement of PwDs.

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Students - Enroll Now!

TRRAIN's livelihood programs seek to empower the lives of people in retail, both at work and at home. Our programs are created to provide training and employment opportunities to PwDs and help them become an asset to the company. The programs aim to impart a sense of pride amongst PwD students and inspire them to excel in their professional and personal life. Today, we have imported the lives of 14,000+ PwDs and have created livelihood for more than 74% of them.

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NGO - Partner Now!

More than 30 NGOs have partnered with us in our journey towards bringing a significant positive change and creating employment opportunities for our beneficiaries. Together, we have impacted 10,000+ lives and hence, created a noticeable shift in their social acceptance. Our NGO partners have benefited in multiple ways by associating with us. Right from processes of awareness to funding and donations, they have not only gained a wider geographical reach but have also been recognized by Retail Organisations across India.

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