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We partnered with TRRAIN in mid 2017 and they trained us in different way to showcase Voice of Needy Foundation as an organization. TRRAIN is the First funding partner which helped us to reach from 1 Dist to 13 dist and Support 240 Disabled youths within a span of 1 year. In the beginning we limited our vision to work only in Bangalore but with the support of TRRAIN we have started to work in Shivamogga as well.

-Arun Kumar, Voice of Needy Foundation

The success of our Partners translates into our success. We at TRRAIN act as a catalyst by partnering and collaborating with NGO partners working in the field of livelihood, skilling, training and employment for the PwDs & women and to create Livelihood opportunities for them.

Finding support within the community and sharing each other's experiences can help each of us create a better world for our beneficiaries and help them tackle their daily challenges better. Our NGO partners serve as a source of guidance and advice in our journey towards empowering the lives of our beneficiaries. By joining forces, we capitalize on each other's strengths to achieve our goals and scale our initiatives.

TRRAIN takes pride in successfully partnering with 25+ NGOs running more than 40 centres across India.

Some of the key benefits an NGO gets by partnering with us

  • Knowledge & Resources of TRRAIN in the Development as well as Retail sector
  • Exposure to more than 150+ Retail Brands and Top NGOs in the Livelihood Creation space.
  • Best Practices from across the development sector
  • Support in widening their geographical reach
  • Association with National Skill Development Corporation of India (NSDC)

What do we look for in our NGO Partners?

  • Knowledge and Regional Expertise in their sector
  • Well established Regional teams
  • Proper facility for training

If you are a Non Government Organisation working in the Livelihood Creation space and want to join hands to create impact in the lives of your beneficiaries, TRRAIN could be the right partner.

"The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step"

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