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Our Alumni Asif & Amin receive Medals & Certificate for completing 5 years with HyperCITY.

The success story of Asif & Amin is a testimony to their ability to rise against all odds. Today, they are not only living life with dignity but also of financially independence.

Just like Asif & Amin, there are still many others wanting to break the barriers and become active members of the society.

TRRAIN’s Livelihood Programs aim to empower the lives of these individuals by creating sustainable livelihood for them in retail.

The retail industry is one of the biggest employers in the country and has the potential to single handedly change the trajectory of the Person with Disability and Women employment for the better and mainstream them.

The retail sector will also benefit with increase in the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and women in the following ways

  • Diversity & Sensitization:When people from diverse backgrounds are hired, it stimulates creativity and innovation. Hiring our candidates not just gives them financial stability but also brings in social acceptance. helps in boosting morale of all employees.
  • Inclusive Development: An inclusive work culture promotes better employee engagement and increases productivity.
  • Low Attrition rates: Our beneficiaries have proven to be more loyal to their employers then regular non trained candidates and have hence had a low attrition rate in retail brands.
  • Greater Annual Savings (For PwD candidates only): Government contributes for first 3 years for ESI and PF contribution and the attrition rate is low among PwDs. This helps retailers to increase annual savings through the government benefits and low attrition rates.

What roles can our beneficiaries be hired for?

Studies have found that when given the opportunity our beneficiaries perform better at their jobs and have higher attendance records. The in-depth training sessions conducted by TRRAIN has enabled our Candidates to manage a wide array of roles in retail space. Some of these include:

  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Warehouse Assistance
  • Project Coordinators
  • Customer Service Desk

Support to employers

We at TRRAIN believe the route to an inclusive workplace doesn’t just end with making your hiring practices inclusive but is an amalgamation of hiring, workplace culture and co-worker support. Hence, TRRAIN’s Livelihood programs also provide constant and unwithered support to employers. We provide support to retailers for increasing sensitivity and awareness around retail staff through following initiatives

  • Conducting Counselling sessions and Sensitization workshops with new retailers hiring our beneficiaries.
  • Pre and Post Placement Support: TRRAIN supports all its employers with a counsellor both before and after the joining to support smooth transformation for the employers.
  • Retail Inclusion Summit: A platform which provides an opportunity to employers and experts to come together to drive inclusive and diverse work environment.

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