The brainchild of Mr. B.S. Nagesh, TRRAIN was born after an in-depth research was conducted amongst employees and employers, both, in modern and traditional retail. This study, conducted by an independent body, indicated that a vast majority of people working in the retail sector hardly ever felt a sense of pride or dignity because of their work. Moreover, social inclusion was hard to come by and upskilling or learning new skills was almost inevitably out of question. Unsettled by the hard hitting research findings, Mr. Nagesh decided it was time for him to give something back to the industry that had given him so much. Thus began the story of TRRAIN - Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India. TRRAIN has one vision. To empower the retail industry. By training the next generation of retail employees who will be an asset to any retail organization because of their warmth, humility and enthusiasm for work. And initiating holistic programmes that will impart a sense of pride, reward retail associates and inspire them put their heart and soul into the work they do.

It brings us great joy to share with you the impact of TRRAIN on the lives of people in retail.

TRRAIN Retail Awards
Impact:  Through this program, 150+ employees have been recognised and awarded for their customer service excellence. Retail associates who went beyond the call of duty to deliver customer service excellence.
Aim: To felicitate those who go the extra mile to humbly provide exceptional customer service all year through. These awards aim to build a sense of respect among retail employees and let them know that their efforts are recognised and lauded.

Retail Employees Day
Impact: A special day for retail employees. Today celebrated by numerous brands, multiple malls, and 5 countries (India, UAE, Turkey, Philippines and Bangladesh)
Aim:  To build a sense of pride in the lives of retail employees and encourage people to celebrate the day and thank them for their warmth, humility and tireless service 365 days a year

Impact: As of date TRRAIN has successfully impacted the lives of 17, 500+ persons with disabilities (PwDs) under the Pankh program
Aim:  To train PwDs and help them gain employment, and encourage social inclusion and humane conduct in the industry

TRRAINHer Ascent
Impact: As of date TRRAIN has successfully impacted the lives of 3,000+ young women under the TRRAINHer Ascent program
Aim:  To train young underprivileged women in India and help them gain employment, and encourage a gender diverse workplace in the industry

TRRAIN Aptech Retail Education Program
Impact: The program has upskilled 30000+ employees till date.

Aim:  To assist retail associates in learning and upgrading their skills so they can keep up with the competition. To achieve this TRRAIN has collaborated with one of the best global learning solutions company, Aptech.

And certainly, the journey of TRRAIN is only just beginning. The future looks promising and indeed, there's a lot to achieve to fulfill our dreams.